In the mood!

I have just been asked, ‘how do you write?’

The answer to that is, I have to exclude myself from everything, sit at my keyboard in total silence, no radio or background music and almost in a meditative, dreamlike state, the words begin to flow. Then, I am in the mood! I’m kind of locked out mentally to the real world and living the world I create as I write. I breathe as the characters would breathe, I feel their anxiety, their passion and their weaknesses as they face the challenges that I ultimately set them.

A lot of writers say that their next novel came to them in a dream & I think that is so true. Sometimes I write it down when I wake, other times I lay in bed in the middle of the night, darkness surrounding me with just the odd snort from my Husband, who still sleeps and I mull over the dream I had, discussing with myself if this idea is worthy of a novel. When the idea is so persistent and will not leave me be, I decide it probably is worth a look at. When it fizzles out, I roll over and join in with the snorting!